Empowering Success through Information Management

In today’s competitive business landscape, accessing and effectively managing information is crucial for success. SP+ is a customised SharePoint solution designed to help companies streamline information management processes. With a customised document management system, smart forms, automations, collaboration features, and dedicated site pages, SP+ empowers businesses to access the information they need, improve efficiency, and drive timely actions for quality, safety, and environmental management systems.

A screenshot of a laptop, tablet and smartphone highlights Southpac Plus+, a customised SharePoint solution empowering success through Information Management.

Customised Document Management System

A key feature of the SP+ SharePoint solution is a customised document management system that allows businesses to organise and manage their documents efficiently. With intuitive categorisation based on your business, tagging, and search functionalities, employees can easily locate and access the information they need, reducing time spent on manual searching and eliminating information silos.

Smart Forms and Automation

SP+ offers smart forms that enable companies to capture and manage inputs for their quality, safety, and environmental management systems. Whether it’s incidents, hazards, changes, or feedback, smart forms streamline the process of capturing relevant information. The system’s automation capabilities allow for the efficient handling of inputs, ensuring they are appropriately actioned and resolved in a timely manner.

Collaboration through Newsletters and Bulletins

Built-in templates for newsletters and bulletins allow you to share important updates, announcements, and information across your business. This feature promotes effective communication, enhances team collaboration, and keeps employees informed about key developments.

Dedicated Site Pages for easy information access

Within SP+, site pages are structured around your specific business needs. This structure ensures that key information is easily accessible from dedicated site pages. Staff members can quickly locate and retrieve relevant information, empowering them to make informed decisions and perform their tasks efficiently.

  • A screenshot of Southpac Plus’s website on a computer and smartphone shows the ease of use to manage and improve Safety Management Systems.
  • A screenshot of Southpac Plus’s website on a computer and smartphone shows the ease of use to manage and improve Quality Management Systems.

Visibility through Registers and Dashboards

Keep across your business in real time, with registers and dashboards that offer visibility into the status of actions and inputs. These visual tools allow businesses to track and monitor progress, ensuring timely completion of tasks. The system helps teams stay accountable, enhances transparency, and promotes a culture of action and responsiveness.

In-built calendars for efficient management

Take advantage of the in-built calendars to help manage audits and schedule important events. Businesses can capture audit summary information, raise findings, and effectively plan for upcoming audits. The management system activities register and calendar ensure that no actions are forgotten, promoting accountability and timely completion of tasks.

Easy retrieval of critical information

SP+ serves as a customised SharePoint solution that empowers companies to access and manage critical information efficiently. With its tailored document management system, smart forms, automated platforms, collaboration features, dedicated site pages, registers, dashboards, and in-built calendars, SP+ revolutionises information management, streamlines processes, and drives timely actions. Implementing SP+ will enable businesses to enhance productivity, improve decision-making, and ultimately succeed in their endeavours.

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