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Southpac’s consulting team are taking organisations to the next level with their new SharePoint platform Southpac Plus.

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Management systems are a significant investment for any business. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to get your management systems certified, our expertise in management systems goes hand in hand with our software solution.

Southpac’s consulting team has supported hundreds of businesses to build better systems. Now we’re taking organisations to the next level with a business management solution that’s innovative, user-friendly and cost-effective. Our SharePoint platform has been developed based on the requirements of the ISO standards for quality, occupational health and safety, and environmental management, so you’ll be on top of your systems all year round and prepared for certification.

Where are you at with your systems?


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Better business

A pile of paper management system documents emphasises the need to digitise using Southpac Plus.


No management system?

You need a simple solution to get your management system off the ground. We’ll help you build what you need to formalise your policies, processes and procedures into a management system that gives you more time to carry on with what you do best.

Suggested solution:

  • Gap Analysis
  • Comprehensive Consulting for system development (single system or Integrated Management System)
  • Project management SharePoint site
  • Keep on top of compliance all year round with a secure, cloud-based environment for your system. 
  • SP+ with monthly Basic Support
A Southpac Plus consultant assists an organisation in getting ISO certification


Getting certified?

You need effective systems that are compliant from the get-go with ISO standards, SmartForms that save you time, centralised reporting that meets regulatory requirements and improved communication between your employees.

Suggested Solution:

  • Gap Analysis
  • Consulting project to prepare your system for certification
  • Project management SharePoint site
  • Internal audit and management review
  • Everything you need to maintain compliance, built into your customised SharePoint solution. 
  • SP+ with monthly Priority Support
Just as a PowerPoint sparking illustrates the need for improvement, Southpac Plus assists organisations in finding enhancements and efficiencies in existing systems to implement & improve.


Management system not meeting your needs?

Find improvements and efficiences in your existing systems before setting them up on Southpac Plus. We’ll provide a complete system review and add value ahead of your platform investment.

Suggested Solution:

  • System Review
  • Consulting project for system improvements
  • A simpler solution that automates processes and improves collaboration across your business.


  • SP+ with monthly Premium Support

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