Risk & Compliance

Effectively manage risks and minimise negative impacts.

Ensure your risk management procedures and requirements are central to your business operations.

Utilise the core modules to manage your risks, or customise them to your requirements.

A screenshot of Southpac Plus’s website on a tablet and smartphone shows the ease of use to utilise the core modules to effectively manage risk in organisations.

Manage risk across your organisation.

Maintain your Risk Register and controls in a central and secure location.

Keep your risk management procedures together and ensure compliance year round with ISO standards.

Detail your risk controls, assign owners, and review and rate each control.

Use in-built SmartForms to add identified risk events to your Risk Register, and keep track of your risk status with reporting tools.

Easily create, modify and publish SmartForms to collect data in a centralised location, then monitor the status of all incidents, hazards, feedback, improvements and non-conformances through personalised Dashboards.

Ensure documents are organised, secure and easy to find, with version control, access control, archiving and document approval workflows built into SP+.

Upload and keep images, videos and other content centralised and secure within SP+.

Automate audit workflows, change management, non-conformance management and issue management workflows, reducing admininstrative burdens and streamlining processes.

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