A smarter way to manage your systems

A female construction manager is empowered by Southpac's new software solution, Southpac Plus, a smarter way to manage business systems.

Many organisations are facing the challenges associated with cumbersome management systems, inefficient processes, ineffective document control and outdated technology, as well as the serious concern of keeping data secure in a cloud-based environment.

Having helped hundreds of organisations to implement and improve their management systems, Southpac has developed a new software solution that is simple, smart and secure to manage all your systems. Built on Microsoft’s SharePoint, Southpac Plus is the easiest way to modernise your Quality, Safety and Environmental management systems and keep all your data in a secure, centralised location.

The platform has been developed to the requirements of the ISO standards for Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental management systems – ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 – with every feature at your fingertips to keep your systems compliant. An intuitive, easy to use interface ensures that minimal training is required, and as a SharePoint platform, it seamlessly integrates with all your existing Office 365 apps.

Not only will SP+ address the above requirements but it can be the tool to manage all aspects of your business and be the front door for your staff to access the resources to help them work more efficiently and effectively.

Making audit time more streamlined

It’s one thing to talk about the benefits of Southpac Plus, and another to hear it directly from a management systems certification Lead Auditor.

Here’s what she had to say about auditing a client using Southpac Plus for their systems management.

“I found it to be really good to audit. It actually allowed me to audit more independently, as I could access and review all the documented procedures in one place, and I only needed to call in relevant staff to confirm procedures were being implemented as prescribed. It was a much more streamlined process.”

Who can benefit from Southpac Plus?

Any organisation with certified management systems, or looking to implement Quality, Safety and Environmental management systems to achieve ISO certification, can benefit from Southpac Plus.

For smaller organisations still managing their systems manually, Southpac Plus provides smart forms, automation and workflows for basic system tasks such as approvals, reviews and notifications. By automating these processes, the solution can help managers save time and improve efficiency, as well as ensure that tasks are completed in a timely and consistent manner.

A major benefit is the document management system, allowing system documentation to be stored securely with version and access control, and a powerful search function. SP+ has automated document-related workflows, such as review and approval processes, change management, publishing, archiving and notifications. This can help streamline business processes, reduce delays and improve collaboration among stakeholders.

For larger organisations facing rising costs from maintaining systems across multiple tech platforms, Southpac Plus provides a comprehensive and affordable solution. As well as maintaining your Quality, Safety and Environmental management systems to the ISO standards, it allows for HR, Finance and Admin functions to be managed within the platform so all your business systems can be managed from one truly central location.

SharePoint’s scalable architecture means SP+ is designed to handle large amounts of data, multiple servers, web applications and databases – so it’s an ideal software solution for a growing business.

Ready for a smarter solution?

If you are a QHSE Manager, General Manager or company Director responsible for managing your organisation’s systems and compliance requirements, request a demo to see all the features of Southpac Plus and discuss your solution with our experienced team.

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